Our Story

The BTB adventure

It was at the end of 2019 that the crazy idea of combining two passions, tennis and beer, was born. Jonathan and Kevin found themselves in a diffcult position due to the pandemic and had to postpone their idea of creating their own craft beer. The 15A was born during training sessions, at least on paper. Since then, water has fowed under the bridge. The 15A, this blond beer has been on the market for a few month now. But it is a Belgian Tennis Beer brand that will be added to the market of Belgian beers in 2023

Our concept

We work with either organic and/or short circuit ingredients. We use malts that offer quality and performance profiles that are distinctly different from anywhere else. They have different characteristics from standard malts in terms of flavour, colour, yield and other factors. Our hops are grown in a sustainable manner. The cultivation is located in the Liège region and covers 2.20 hectares. The dregs (brewing residues) are used for the bakers or to feed the animals. The water from the vats is used to clean the premises. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed !

Our rule

That’s because in tennis, we often announce the score by saying 15A, 30A, 40A…It is a familiarity to describe a kind of parity in the scores of the tennis players. It comes from “all”, which means that when two players both scored 15 in the game, it is said 15A.

A kind of parity…

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